10 Amp Battery

10 Amp Battery

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This is the recommended replacement battery for the old 9 Amp and 11 Amp batteries.

This product is suitable for the following models;

Shop Rider Echo 3, Shop Rider Echo Folding 3, Shop Rider Hero 3, Shop Rider Scootie 3, Sterling Little Star

The Lucas range of deep cycle mobility batteries are the perfect choice for powered wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters. These quality manufactured batteries are capable of delivering up to 30% more deep cycling, making them a reliable source of power for more trips, longer journeys and longer battery life.

- AGM technology
- Extra deep cycle capability
- Totally sealed – no spillage
- Completely maintenance-free
- Safe and easy to transport
- Non-hazardous

    Weight (kg) - 3.9

    Dimensions (mm) - 151 x 65 x 117

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    Please note, your mobility scooter will only run at its optimum level and speed if both batteries have been maintained properly and are holding their charge. We recommend replacing at the same time to maintain your mobility scooter performance. Simply update the quantity in your shopping cart to the desired level before checking out.