Mobility Scooter Servicing

We fully appreciate the importance of keeping your scooter in peak condition, and we can offer a servicing option as part of our Silver care package.
If you select this option at checkout, we will contact you to book your scooter in for a service covering the following points.


Battery Capacity Test
Battery Charger Tested
Motor Brushes Checked
Motor Drawn and Checked
Motor Brake Checked and Cleaned
Electrical leads checked for chaffing and wear
All Console functions working correctly
Check Tightness of all Nuts and Bolts
Wheel Bearings Checked
Tyres and Rims checked for visible damage
Tyres Inflated Correctly
Check and lubricate lubrication points
Handbrake (where fitted) works correctly
Front Brake (where fitted) works correctly
Front and Rear Indicators/Lights working correctly
All seat functions working correctly
Steering Column set correctly
Full clean and valet
Test Drive - All functions working
Test Drive - No undue vibration or noise